Virtual Assessments

Get the Most from Your Virtualization Environment

Virtualization addresses one of IT’s most pressing challenges – infrastructure sprawl. This has forced organizations to channel as much as 70 percent of their budgets into maintenance of this infrastructure, leaving scant resources for innovations that can be used to grow the business.

WCCiT helps to solve this issue through our Virtualization Health Check. This best practice assessment helps optimize the virtualization environment for performance, scaling and manageability. Resellers can ensure their customers are getting the most of their virutualized environment to free up some of these resources as well as use it as a roadmap to moving them into a cloud computing environment.

Service Overview

understanding the customers’ goals, objectives and pain points to understand the company’s culture and how it socializes to change.

WCCiT’s Expert Service professionals will perform a gap analysis of the projected goals versus reality as well as focus on process definition and improvements in the areas that will help run the environment more efficiently, automated and scalable.

Utilizing various tools to collect and inventory information from the virtual infrastructure, an in-depth analysis of how it is architected and configured is conducted. Multiple sites are included as required by the customer.


Customer Benefits

Ensure systems were installed properly as well as optimize the performance of the virtualization environment including server utilization and security

Save money by streamlining operations in multi-tenant environments.

Maximize resources and drive more business value through efficiencies.

Achieve less downtime and fewer unplanned outages as well is improve business continuity and disaster recovery.

Prepare a roadmap for future improvements as defined by the organization’s objectives.

Lessen risks by leveraging experienced, certified consultants and proven best practices.


A final Virtualization Health Check Report is delivered along with expert analysis of the data including findings, recommendations and a solutions roadmap.

Each assessment includes:

  • Best practices assessment
  • Hardware assessment
  • Storage assessment
  • Management systems assessment
  • nteractive workshop to facilitate knowledge transfer on best practices