Penetration Testing

Your Network Security

The global network security market is experiencing constant growth as a result of the growing virtualization of servers. While network threats have existed for decades, the time between vulnerability and exploit is shrinking. Organizations are being forced to spend more money on investigations, notifications and response when sensitive and confidential information is lost or stolen. As reported in the 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, the average cost to a company was $3.5 million US dollars and 15 percent more than what it cost last year.

Using tools like our Penetration Test Assessment can help organizations identify high-risk vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to detect with scanning software to keep businesses protected from potential threats.

Service Overview

Our Penetration Test Assessment can be used to address evaluate the effectiveness of an existing security network. Technicians from our Expert Services use a mix of manual and automated testing techniques in an attempt to gain access to information without the knowledge or permission of its owner.

The assessment can be used to evaluate the external security perimeter and to provide recommendations for strengthening the security infrastucture to reduce the possibility of an external hacker compromising their information unknowingly.

Customer Benefits

Intelligently manage vulnerabilities. Penetration testing provides detailed information on exploitable security threats so they can be prioritized for remediation, security patches applied and resources allocated where they are needed.

Avoid the cost of downtime. Testing helps to avoid financial costs of remediation efforts, legal activities,lowered productivity and more by identifying and addressing risks before breaches occur.

Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines. Detailed reports can help organizations address some of the requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS and more.

Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty. Penetration testing helps customer’s avoid data incidents and protect their reputation and trustworthiness.


Based on results, WCCiT’s Expert Service professionals will partner with you to deliver a quality penetration test assessment to your customer. The report will include a summary of the results as well as actionable advice for strengthening the security defenses.

Our Penetration Test Assessment includes:

  • Pre-sales consultation with partner
  • Defined statement of work (SOW) with established timelines
  • Conduct Security Penetration Assessment
  • Presentation of Network Presentation Test Assessment Report