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Mario Prada founded a fine luxury goods store in Milan, Italy in 1913. The store which is the now-famous fashion house took some time before the brand achieved cult. Unlike many other famous brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuititon and Gucci, Prada was worth the wait then.Prada got its first spark from the high fashion world in the 1980's, with the release of the Prada handbags. It was stylish, functional and fun, becoming an instant hit in the fashion world -- an obvious inspiration for our quality, replica Prada handbags.The clean lines is just the aesthetic of Prada items, as identical, replica Prada handbags collection. Besides, traditional colors and a truly feminine aesthetic add Prada's popularity. All these three elements make Prada apart in its high-fashion heyday. Prada handbags sold from Prada Outlet are understated in traditional colors, with a silver and black triangle logo, bearing the name "Prada" in small lettering. This is unique, and not the the same as other high end luxury brands as LV, Gucci and Fendi that with their monogram patterns splattered on many of the bags in the collections.

Prada handbags are considered as the most fashionable bags, which are made from 100% genuine leather. These handbags are certainly masterpieces that provide true sense of fashion with a touch of class. Incredibly practical to be used, these handbags come with assortment of feature so that one can keep the things organized and systematic inside the handbags. Some of the highlighting features with which these bags are accomplishes are inner pockets with zips, magnetic snap bag closing fasteners and key rings. The major attraction of this handbag includes the Prada logo plate displayed on the bag that helps customers to identify that they are carrying a genuine Prada handbag.Prada Outlet Co. uses highest manufacturing standard and best quality material employed in the making of Prada handbags so that finest product reaches to the customers. With such high standards of quality it becomes really easy for the customers to distinguish between the original and replica Prada handbags. Customers in search or original Prada handbag can always make out the difference from the inside of the bag as most of the company try to imitate the outer look of the bag and compromise on the inside material used. But in the original Prada bag the inside is as good as the outside and a uniform stitching is maintained throughout the bag.