Email/Web Security (McAfee)

Discover the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions from WCCIT and McAfee®.

In business, many of us have a love/hate relationship with our email. We love it when we can save time sending and collecting information and effortlessly connecting with customers and employees. We hate it when we have to waste hours reading and deleting junk mail, worrying about opening malware-laden messages, and complying with requests to search and retrieve old emails that may have already been deleted.


There is a solution. Keep your email network protected, your employees safe, and your business in compliance with easy and effective services from WCCIT powered by McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security solutions.

  • The service blocks billions of spam, viruses, worms, and phishing threats outside the network every month.
  • Activation starts with a simple MX record redirection and then you fine-tune the system to your specifications through our intuitive Web-based ControlConsol. 
  • SaaS is easy-to-justify as an operational expense.
  • Integrating these SaaS solutions eliminates the need to hire additional IT staff.

The McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security solutions are available in the following stand-alone packages and service suites.


McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering

  • Protect your business and users against email-borne threats before they reach your network. It’s an ideal package for businesses that require advanced protection against inbound threats

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

  • This is a legal-grade archiving service that helps businesses control the ever-increasing volume of email to satisfy compliance and business data storage needs while also facilitating rapid, centralized electronic discovery. Store critical email data, with no hardware required.

McAfee SaaS Web Protection

  • Here’s a comprehensive Internet security solution that requires no hardware or software integration, and offers ease of use and administration unmatched in the industry. Safeguard your business and employees with a comprehensive Internet security solution.

 McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity

  • Keep your employees connected and productive. This is our most comprehensive package and includes powerful email security plus SaaS Email Continuity, which provides email storage, access and use during planned or unplanned outages.

McAfee SaaS Email Protection

  • A robust package of email threat services and the SaaS Fail Safe Service, this is our storage-only disaster recovery service. Protect against inbound threats and prevent potentially damaging outbound emails.


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